How it works? is the place to buy/seller various tasks/jobs/services ranging from $5 - $97. As a seller you can sell unlimited services here and get paid weekly. For buyers you can order various services and get them done in 3 hours!

For Sellers:

STEP 1: Signup for free account on Verify your email by clicking the link sent by, to your email address.

STEP 2: Once you are in member's area, enter your offer detail on 'top bar' like this:

STEP 3: Click on 'GO' and you'll be retirected to 'job creation' page. This page is self explanatory. Enter your job details in as much details as you can, this increase the chance job sales. Use relevent images to make your 'job listing' attractive. This is the how the 'job listing' page appears on 3ippa:

STEP 4: After entering all information, click on 'Submit' and if everything is good, your 'job offer' would be posted on immediately and you'll see this page:


Congrats,  your job posting is live now and 100's of user would see it. To get more exposure you can take 'featured listing' addon for $10 and get 'fixed' home page position.

NOTE: charge 20% per sale and you have to deliver the complete job in under 3 hours. The faster you can deliver the balance time would be added to your 'time wallet', out of which you can use up to 15 minutes extra in next order. In case you get late and did not deliver your offering to the buyer in 3 hours, then buyer get 20% off on the order and you get additional 1hrs to complete work. If work goes more then 3 +1 hrs then order would be automatically cancelled. for Buyers:

Buyers are the 'soul' of any business and take our buyer's privacy, suggestions and transaction security very seriously. You can select from 100's of 'job offers' from various sellers and it would be completed in 3 hours!

The purpose of is to create a marketplace for 'last minute' jobs that could be completed in 3 hours. Once you place the order, a 'reverse timer' of 3 hours is started on your dashboard and seller's dashboard, which inform seller that the time to start work is started. If seller complete the work he'll mark the job as completed and you'll get the email for the same. Then you can review the work of seller and if all is good, mark it as completed from your side and leave a glorious feedback!

In case if seller delayed the work for more then 3 hours, then 3ippa automatically increase 1 more hour for seller and in return, give you (buyer) 20% off on the price. You'll receive 20% amount as 'credits' in your 3ippa account and you can use them in future orders.

If, you are not happy with the work provided by seller, you can 'report' it by the avilable option in buyer's panel and we'll take care of 'bad sellers'. You can also cancel your order if seller has failed to deliver the job/service, if it is over 4hrs. You can also accept the job/service after 4hrs, by clicking on 'accept' button (with 20% discount)

For any questions, feel free to contact us at: